4 Friends Bravely Cycled Through The Heart Of Himalayas And Covered 1082 Kms Like Pros!


A 21-year-old engineer, Maunil Vora along with his three friends Pratuysh Thakur, Gunmeet Singh and Oshan Modi cycled around the Himayas and covered 1082 kilometers of distance between Shimla – Kaza – Manali. All throughout this journey, they managed to capture unbelievable images of Himalayas that you have seen only in the HD wallpapers!

Thousand Kilometres in the Himalayas

THOUSAND KILOMETRES IN THE HIMALAYAS : Journey of 4 hypocrites who swore not to touch a mountain bike after having cycled the brutal Manali – Leh highway in 2014, but here we were in the summer of 2015 cycling on one of the most dangerous yet most beautiful roads in the world, Shimla – Kaza – Manali. Because you never just go to the mountains once, they keep calling you.
Maybe this film will inspire you to get out, ride and explore India before booking an expensive vacation abroad. Share it with your friends, hope to see you riding in Himachal sometime. With a helmet.

Footage : Maunil Vora and Pratyush Thakur
Editing : Refractor Studios
Back up and Support Crew : Magic Mountain Adventures,www.magicmountainadventures.com
Guides : Raju Sharma and Hemant Sharma.
Music : Telephon Tel Aviv – The Birds and Sub Focus – Out Of Reach.

Posted by Maunil Vora on Friday, November 6, 2015

These amazing images that will leave you speechless:







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