Even as 1,556 rickshaw drivers got their permits renewed in the amnesty scheme announced by the Nashik Regional Transport Office (RTO), senior officials said that there was a remote possibility that such a scheme could be implemented again.

At the end of the amnesty scheme on November 30, 1,556 rickshaw drivers came forward to take its benefit and get the permits renewed.

Jeevan Bansod, RTO, Nashik said, this was the second time in the recent years that an amnesty scheme was announced for rickshaw owners who have not got their permits renewed. If some rickshaw owners have still not come forward to get their permit renewed that they would be facing strict action.

In the past, the RTO had announced that those not renewing their permits would face strict action. The concerned rickshaw owners would neither get another opportunity to renew their permits later, nor would they be allowed to participate in the future process of issuing new autorickshaw permits.

Last year in February, the Nashik RTO had issued approximately 1,600 permits. Officials said that previously they had issued 22,708, of which over 3,600 were declared defunct as they were not been renewed by permit holders then. Subsequently, 50% of the defunct permits were thus made available.

Senior officials said that there were many people who were blocking the rickshaw permits for no reason by not renewing them and there were also people who were eager to operate rickshaws in the city if they got the permits.



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